Most families now use computers at work or games, In order to facilitate the use and protection of the mouse, buy a good quality mouse pad is necessary. Users can choose their own mouse pad according to their use, material comfort, smoothness, positioning ability and their own hobbies.

1. Cloth rubber mouse pad

China cloth rubber mouse pad with High-Quality

Cloth mouse pad is the mouse pad with the mouse pad material. The same bottom of the natural rubber, synthetic materials EVA, SBR, flocking and other flexible materials. The advantage of the cloth pad is the sliding resistance is moderate, the mouse positioning is stable and accurate, not easy to drop frame, feel good, very easy to carry, players out of the game or office users out of office, just put the mouse pad rolled into the bag Can, while the cloth pad mouse pad wear on the mouse pad is the smallest, for the players to save the cost of mouse pad. Which derived from the advertising mouse pad, gift mouse pad, personalized mouse pad, gaming mouse pad, pad and other categories.

2. 3D wrist rest mouse pad

Leading 3D wrist rest mouse pad Manufacturers & Suppliers

      Repeated use of the mouse for a long time lead to muscle soreness and swelling, severe paralysis cramps, long-term backlog, easy to produce carpal tunnel syndrome. Have a hand care, so that the mouse is more comfortable to use, multi-directional support wrist, and the picture effect realistic, full color. Hand care part of the chest.

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