We comb our hair every day, but sometimes we don't want to be too monotonous. So we need to use a nice baseball cap to enhance the overall sense of style, baseball cap wear Good looking can be very beautiful, do not follow the rules with a cool feeling, then we choose what kind of baseball cap is the best?

       1. The first is the size of the baseball hat, It is very important to choose the right size. That now most hats are adjustable adult sizes.

       2. Then the baseball material problem, Hat has a variety of cloth, cotton, polyester, oxford cloth… According to your preferences to choose baseball cap material.

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        3. Baseball cap height should not be small, otherwise give the impression of heavy head and heavy weight. The short person is the opposite. Tall women should not wear high baseball cap or give the impression that "and" taller. Short ladies should not wear flat-topped eaves baseball cap, will appear shorter. Like wearing a baseball cap and wearing clothes, try to be good at avoiding weaknesses, even if you are wearing a satisfied, but also make people look elegant. After all, suitable for their own head circumference, suitable for their style of baseball cap that you can choose, do not let yourself go due to the pursuit of fashion.