Patch logo maker custom patch handle bags

Custom logo, custom shape
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Patch logo maker custom patch handle bags

Image patch size :8cm x 6cm

Custom patches handle bags, and if you are the producer of the package, you can use your rubber patch to make your business logo and promote the company. If you are a patch collection enthusiast, you can try to buy a different patch designed to decorate your handle bags.

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FAQ for custom patches

No1.Material is soft rubber pvc or silicone, with color mixed in the material.

No2.Its 3D logo effect makes your logo/brand individual.

No3.It is duable and washable.

No4.Single or double sided logo can be reached.

No5.Different kind if backing is available to meet your speical request like 3M adhesive tape, sleeve tape, iron-on backing.

No6.Different thickness is reachable per your request.

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Patch logo maker custom patch handle bags

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